Matrix FlowCode v.10 Professional Pack

RS Stock No: D000-001 Mfr. Part No: Professional

For Industrial and professional users who need everything fully unlocked at all times to be used on commercial products.

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Product Details

Matrix Flow Code’s Professional Pack: The Ultimate Embedded Development for commercial products

It’s the ideal solution for Industrial and professional users who need everything fully unlocked at all times. You will have access to a wide range of additional benefits and features to makers and hobbyists such as:

Test & Debug: Data Recorder, Oscilloscope, Console, Code Profiling, Ghost

Components: Step into, View Code, Connection Lists, Debugger

Paradigms: Psuedocode, Blocks, State Diagrams, C Code Sim, C Code Conversion

Application: Documentation, Additional Tools, Interface Tree customisation, TODO list, Seperate .c and .h, Sim and Scope variables

Commercial Rights (Pro), Enhanced Support (Pro)


Please note: This is a product key only.  You will receive a product key and instructions detailing where to download your software.  No disc is provided. 


System Requirements

– Processor: 1Ghz or faster
– RAM: 1Gb or more
– HDD Space: 1-4Gb (toolchain dependant)
– OS: 32 or 64bit Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11