Embedded Studio – ARM Edition

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Embedded Studio is the all-in-one integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded systems.

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Product Details

Streamlined & Versatile Toolchain
Embedded Studio is equipped with both SEGGER and GCC toolchains, ready for immediate use. Developers can seamlessly transition to Embedded Studio from other IDEs. In single-chip systems, every byte of code space counts. SEGGER’s toolchain optimizes code size without sacrificing execution speed.

Advanced Source Code Editing
The top-tier Source Code Editor provides syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, and bracket matching. It also features code completion and customizable code and comment templates.

Integrated Debugging Capabilities
Embedded Studio integrates seamlessly with J-Link/J-Trace debug probes, laying the groundwork for its robust features. The core simulator allows testing applications before hardware availability. The debugger monitors the application’s OS, providing insights into task activities and stack usage. OS awareness can be easily incorporated for any operating system.

Efficient Project Management
The project manager centralizes project management and organization, offering dynamic folders, property inheritance, and support for multi-project solutions, catering to developers’ diverse requirements.
Comprehensive All-in-One Solution
Embedded Studio offers an all-inclusive package with SEGGER’s Friendly License (SFL), GCC & SEGGER C/C++ toolchains, multi-threaded build capabilities to reduce build times, and multi-platform support for Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Key Features Accessible at:

Embedded Studio PRO Package
For a comprehensive development environment, the Embedded Studio PRO package includes extensive support for popular microcontrollers, emPower OS, and the J-Link PLUS debug probe, providing a unified solution for project needs.

Linux IDE Support
SEGGER’s Linux Studio extends its acclaimed development environment to Linux developers.

Key Features
All-in-one solution
SEGGER’s Friendly License (SFL)
GCC & SEGGER C/C++ tool-chains included
Multi-threaded build minimizes build times
Multi-platform: Windows, Linux or Mac


Full development tool-chain for ARM targets, including:

  • Powerful debugger
  • Seamless J-Link integration
  • Multi-threaded build process

License for ARM based microcontrollers
Single User License

System Requirements

Operating systems

Operating system Version
Windows Microsoft Windows (x86/x64/Arm)
macOS macOS (x86/Apple Silicon)
Linux List of supported Linux distributions (x86/x64/Arm):


Hardware component Item
Memory 4GB RAM
Disk space 2GB


Windows, macOS, Linux: With Embedded Studio, there’s a similar look and feel on each platform. Portable projects enable efficient development on the chosen OS